Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pumpkin Fever

It's that time of year when I love to eat all things pumpkin. My first pumpkin treat were some Pumpkin cornmeal muffins- which were very yummy.

My most recent discovery.......

Pumpkin Pancakes!  SO delicious- I can't get enough.  I just finished off the first batch for lunch :)  They made this overcast, snowy day so much brighter.  Next on the list- Pumpkin Cupcakes.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Lots to Celebrate

Adam and I celebrated my Dad's 50th by going to see one of his favorites in concert~ Mr. Jimmy Buffett.  He's one of my favorites as well, and I'm so glad Adam agreed to go despite the fact that he knew maybe only one of the songs.  He was a good sport, as usual.

Jimmy's performance was everything I expected- high energy, great people watching time and a reminder of the salty ocean breeze and sweet boat drinks.  We had a great time and it would have only been better if my Dad had been able to come and see it with us on his Birthday.

We also attended our last wedding of the year~ at 22 weeks~ and yes, I actually curled my hair and tried something other than the stick straight look.  I don't branch out much with my locks.

I must say this has been the prettiest fall of the five I've seen here in Denver.  My favorite time of the year!  And today is our 3rd Anniversary!  I'm so lucky to have met such a wonderful man that's been able to put up with me all this time.  Patience is definitely a quality I'm glad to have found in my husband.  I can't wait to see what the next 30 years hold, especially the next four months!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Now you see it, Now you don't

You might remember one of my previous posts mentioning our ideas for our new, and I like to think improved, guest bedroom.  Having a two bedroom house and a little one making his or her debut in the next four months or so makes creating a new bedroom space a bit of a challenge.  My major goal was to maintain space in the basement for Baby C to play and sprawl out the many toys and gadgets I'm sure he or she will have, however I wanted to create a private space for all our guests that come to visit.

You'll remember the picture of our most recent shuffle of our downstairs and the not-so-private interim spare bedroom:

Our original plan had been to hang a Murphy Bed on the wall the bed's headboard is on.  We absolutely loved the idea and knew it would save SO much space for playtime and entertaining.  We began the process of purchasing the parts and quickly discovered that the wood necessary to build the bed was well above what we'd anticipated, plus it would be a VERY large project for Adam us.  Luckily my Mom was staying with us when we made this discovery, so we put a new plan in motion- very quickly.  After a trip to Ikea and my Mom's motivation to get the job done before she headed out of town, we got this:



We got a great little sitting room out of it as well.  And if need be, we can move the chairs aside for Baby C to do his or her thing.

Now, all our attention is on the nursery.  We've made lots of progress, but it's still not complete.  I plan to share bits and pieces of what will make up this little room, and then have a  big reveal once it's all in place!

Monday, October 3, 2011

Quick Update on our 20 week appointment

We went in for our last ultrasound of this pregnancy, most likely.  Everything looked absolutely perfect!  Heartbeat was 167 bpms.  We saw lots of things, many of which I couldn't even make out, but it was nice to see the four chambers of the heart, the kidneys, the spine and of course the feet, arms, legs and face.  The little one wouldn't cooperate and give us a good profile picture.  (For simplicity of writing this post, I'm going to refer to the baby as he, as that's what our ultrasound tech warned us she did, and it's easier to write.) He was too busy showing us how flexible he is.  For almost the entire scan Baby C had his legs straight up above his head.  It was so cute.  Whether it's a girl or boy, it's sure to be very flexible.  Then he proceeded to look at us straight on in the ultrasound, so we saw it's little eyes and nose, and he raised up his hand and gave us a wave so we could see all five fingers, and of course his/her legs were up above his/her head the whole time.  It was so funny.  Anyway, maybe this will give you all a little more to go off of when voting on what you think Baby C's sex is.  Look at the right column and you'll see the poll.

Have a great day!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

20 Weeks

We've reached the halfway mark!  And I'm so shocked that it's already here!  We kicked off the 20th week with a trip to Minneapolis for the wedding of one of Adam's good friends.

This was our last out of state wedding for the year, and the last plane trip we'll be taking before Baby C arrives.  I couldn't help but think of that fact the entire trip, especially when we were in the airports.  Gone are the days of speeding through security with my two carry-ons.  Now we'll be lugging a stroller, car seat, breast pump, and just tons more gear.  It will be an eye opener when I have to veer away from the expert traveler lane and move into the family lane.  I will be one of THOSE people that other travelers avoid being behind when they see our load-o-stuff.  And lets not get started on the topic of crying babies on planes, that just stresses me out to think about.  Our first plane trip with baby will be right back to Minneapolis next Spring, and though it will be more of a chore, I can't wait for our first family vacation!

Fall was in full swing in Minneapolis!  The leaves were changing and the weather was cool, just a taste of what's coming our way in the next few days, no more 80 degree temps- which I couldn't be more excited about!

How far along: 20 weeks 
Size of baby: Size of a banana 

Total Weight Gain: Just around 10 lbs
Maternity Clothes: I enjoy shopping, but shopping for clothes is not something I do often.  I usually spend more of my money on house stuff.  Things have changed, though.  It seems now that I make a trip to buy some new clothes about once a week.  Mostly because I'm constantly realizing that things which worked a week or two ago, no longer work.  I really enjoy having maternity pants.  The belly bands are just not working for me any longer.  When I got out of my car to gas up and looked down to see the bottom half of my un-zipped zipper exposed, I knew the bands wouldn't work with jeans anymore.  I still try to steer clear of maternity tops, just because it seems that there are normal tops that still have enough coverage for the belly.  Target has become one of my favorite shopping spots, mostly because they have a maternity section and are so affordable.
Sex:  Check back in 20 weeks!  I'm going to try to start a poll on the blog too, to see if you all think Baby C will be a boy or girl!
Movement: Once I'm settled in and relaxed, I can really feel the baby moving around in there.  Not extremely strong yet, but it's increasing more and more each day.
Sleep: Not spectacular, but I'm coping.
What I miss: I never drank soda pre-pregnancy, but now I seem to always want one.  The occasional trip to Panera is nice though, because they have caffeine free Pepsi :)
Cravings: Nothing really, just any food, oh and the soda.
Symptoms: Besides the large bump, I have been getting more round ligament pain.

What I’m looking forward to: 20 week appointment tomorrow morning!  They won't be revealing the sex, but we will get LOTS of pictures of the little one :).  

We also cleaned out the Nursery this weekend.  I piled into the crib all the clothes and other goodies we have for the baby so far. Thanks to everyone who gave Baby C these wonderful gifts!